Political Gradient

Sardar Imam Qaisrani

Political Gradient and Corporate Social Responsibilities

Sardar Imam Qaisrani hails from a tribal background. His ancestors were Chiefs of Qaisrani Baloch Tribe in Tehsil Tribal Area, District Dera Ghazi Khan bordering FATA, KPK and Balochistan spread over 127 villages (Population 130,000). Hence, Public dealing as per the tribal traditions, adjudication of disputes through holding Jirga hearings, social welfare of the down trodden segments of the society have all along been practiced by Mr Qaisrani as part of his family traditions and norms. Some of the activities in this regard are outlined here under;

  • Participated in General Elections 2002, General Elections 2008, General Election 2013 and General Election 2018.
  • Conducted humanitarian relief programs in private capacity, with the help of private donors , in the mega floods of year 2010 for the relief and rehab of people of the disaster struck areas on both banks of river indus.
  • Established and running Schools, Jeep able roads, Women Vocational Centers, Dispensaries and Mobile Health Units in private capacity with the help of private donors for the relief of population of the tribal areas of Dera Ghazi Khan.
  • Launched projects of Clean Drinking Water in the remote villages and tribal areas of Koh e Suleman Tribal Belt through financial aid from corporate entities and oil and gas exploration companies.
  • Conducting distribution of Dry Rations and Food Items for the poor and needy population of Koh e Suleman Tribal Belt with the help of donors and charitable organizations for the last 15 years
  • During the coalition government led by National Party in the province of Balochistan during 2013-2016, advised Chief Minister Balochistan on various matters related to the good governance, measures to curb corruption, ensure law and order, inter-provincial relations, concurrent list subjects, relations with the federal government with focus on the devolution of power, development of Gwadar port etc.
  • Representing down trodden community as a political/tribal leader from South Punjab and Provincially Administered Tribal Areas of Punjab and Baluchistan in the electronic media on issues of socio-political importance.

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